The full arch implant bridge

Coral Springs All-on-4 / TeethExpress Full Arch Implants

Dental implants are extremely strong; so strong, that they can support the weight of multiple teeth at one time. When paired together in sets of 4-6 implants, your entire upper or lower arch of missing teeth can be restored!

There’s no need for an individual implant to be set in each missing tooth’s place. Rather, the implants work together to support a streamlined bridge that spans the length of the entire arch of teeth.

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Say Goodbye to Dentures!

All-on-4 / TeethExpress Coral Springs patients can enjoy the freedom of going denture free, because their durable and cosmetic prosthesis is permanently affixed in place. The traditional bridge design prevents a bulky appliance from covering the roof of your mouth, giving you advantages such as: 

  • Easier care and maintenance
  • Clarity when speaking
  • Enhanced tasting and chewing of food
  • The confidence of a permanent smile treatment

Why a bridge instead of a denture? Bridges only cover the part of your mouth where the teeth are supposed to be; this characteristic eliminates the “plate” and need for suction to keep your new teeth in place.

Hybrid Implants with a Coral Springs Prosthodontist

Dr. Renan Buitrago has been providing smile rehabilitation treatments for nearly two decades. If you’ve suffered from gum disease or tooth loss, our All-on-4 implant designs can give you your confidence back.

Tired of wearing a denture? Do you need to have more teeth removed due to decay or periodontitis? Ask if a full arch implant bridge is the best solution for your smile. Schedule a no-pressure consultation today!