Custom dentures in Coral Springs

Modern Dentures provide an excellent way to get a good replacement for your missing teeth. If you or your friend has missing teeth because of any reason, Dentures in Coral Springs can be a good option. Unlike older models, today’s dentures are more effective, comfortable and natural. Dentures can greatly assist you in getting good teeth to help you look younger, eat easily and speak comfortably. What’s more is that partial dentures are temporary and can be taken out easily, anytime. Dentures are very effective and provide quick solution with a lot of advantages.

Advanced Dentistry of Coral Springs can help you in providing complete treatment of dentures in Coral Springs. After sometime, your dentures may require relining or even new set may also be required. With age, general lining of the mouth may change and that need some changes to existing dentures. Our team will help you in testing, crafting and placing the dentures properly. For any information regarding dentures, you can contact us. Advanced Dentistry of Coral Springs has all knowledge and required equipment to provide best services of dentures in Coral Springs.

 As a prosthodontist, Dr. Renan Buitrago is an expert when it comes to designing beautiful custom dentures for our Coral Springs patients. Whether you’ve lost your teeth due to gum disease, injury, or past infection, dentures are a fast and effective way to replace your missing teeth.

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Full Dentures (“Plates”)

Conventional dentures replace all of your upper or lower teeth at one time, with a single removable prosthesis. Your new denture covers all of the gums in that particular arch, relying on a strong suction to stay in place throughout the day.

It’s important to remove your dentures each night for thorough cleaning and to prevent problems such as bone loss or tissue infections.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture replaces missing teeth, while preserving the healthy teeth that you still have. Instead of removing them, a partial denture clasps into place around your remaining teeth, only replacing the ones that have already fallen out.

Partials prevent us from having to extract otherwise healthy teeth. They’re an affordable alternative to more extensive dental implant treatments.

Implant Dentures

Implant dentures offer a revolutionary solution for individuals seeking a comfortable and natural-looking smile. At Advanced Dentistry of Coral Springs, these state-of-the-art dental prosthetics are transforming lives.

Implant dentures are anchored securely to dental implants, providing stability, and eliminating the worries of slippage or discomfort. This innovative technique allows patients to regain their confidence, restore proper chewing functionality, and enhance their overall quality of life.

The skilled team at Advanced Dentistry of Coral Springs utilizes advanced technology and expertise to tailor implant dentures to each patient’s unique needs, ensuring a perfect fit and a beautiful, long-lasting result. Experience the transformation and smile with newfound radiance today!

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